Project: Emergency Aid

In an emergency situation, quick help is essential. But in developing countries such as Cambodia, however, this cannot be sufficiently achieved due to the lack of infrastructure and the poor economic situation. The aim of this project is to provide immediate and reliable support in the event of an emergency.

The people of Cambodia lack many things in daily life that we take for granted. There is a lack of clean drinking water, medical care or food. Bad enough. However, if an acute emergency situation occurs, such as the sudden burning down of one’s own hut or an accident, this can end catastrophically, which is why the “Emergency projects” project was launched. It serves to help needy people in acute emergency situations: fast, practical and unbureaucratic. It makes no difference whether clothes and kitchen utensils are distributed to children and families in need or whether a disabled person is equipped with aids to enable him/her to participate in daily life more intensively. Every kind of help, no matter how small, is important – this is also the motto of the Kleine Hilfsaktion.

In order to know where the need is greatest, the Kleine Hilfaktion e. V. works closely with the Cambodian partner organisation Bareebo. Their employed development workers know the fates of the local population best, so that the emergency projects of the Kleine Hilfsaktion can take effect quickly and effectively.