Three generations in a hut

This project is supporting the sleeping materials, kitchen stuff, and clothes for 2 children and a suck of rice for supporting their daily living. These assistances will provide to a poor family with 5 family members, two kids the age of 5 and 6 years old, a young couple, and an old grand mom. The parents of these children have moved to work in Thailand for making their income and sending the money back home. Unfortunately, they could not make money as much as they expected and then left their two children with a grand mom to take care. In this case the grand mom is also very difficult for her living too. They are very hard to access clean water. With this support, the water jar and cutter connected with the zinc roof to store rain water for year round during the dry-season.

Item Cost
Kittchen set

Sleeping set

Clothes for children

100 kg Rice

Water jar


28,75 USD

28,75 USD

36,80 USD

57,50 USD

187,50 USD

28,75 USD

Project coordinates: 12.661352,103.913483

Date: 29. März 2018

Written by: Sophalla Orn (BBC)


Status: Project completed
Budget: 368,05 USD
Sponsor: Christian Linne