88 years old, widowed, alone…

In this emergency project, we are supporting an 88-year-old widowed lady. The old lady doesn’t get any support from her children, fortunately she is supported with food by a neighbour. The lady no longer receives her own income and is therefore unable to afford urgently needed construction work on her housing.

The lady lives in a small living room with a separate kitchen area. The housing situation urgently needs to be improved. It rains into every part of the house, the ground is brittle and unhygienic and we consider cooking by open fire to be extremely dangerous (especially in the case of a very old cook).

The following services are realized:

  • Renewal of the floors
  • Securing the kitchen (zinc walls and new ceiling)
  • Renewal of the front wall in the living area
  • Unique furnishings with 50 kg rice and a package of cooking ingredients
  • Provision of a kitchen set (pots, dishes, cutlery)
  • Sleeping set (dormitory mat and mosquito net)

In the course of the emergency project, which overlaps with the ’eye-light’ project, an optician determined cataract. The lady can have an operation, for which the Kleine Hilfsaktion also carries the costs.

Project coordinates: 12.8916, 103.1379

Date: November 27, 2017


Status: Project completed
Sponsor: Kleine Hilfsation e.V.