So that emergency aid isn’t necessary…

This time we visited a 58-year-old widowed woman with three children. Her eldest son is in in Thailand to work and supports his mother with 25 USD per month. Her two younger children live with her, together with her sister’s two children. The sister and her husband died of HIV nine years ago. The disease was transmitted to one of the children – the elder son. The boy, 11 years old, participates in an HIV program, therefore there has not yet been an outbreak of the disease.

The woman tries to make a living for herself and the four children by selling collected snails and caught fish.  In addition, another family organisation sponsored a small chicken farm (five chickens and one rooster).  However, the financial means are not sufficient to finance everyday life. The house, the property and the chickens’ farm are very well organized and nursed. In order to maintain the vital energy of the widowed woman and to facilitate her loving care, we decide to implement the following services:

  • A new roof
  • rainwater collection system
  • Biosand filter (BSF)
  • 100 kg rice
  • Package of cooking ingredients (sauces, spices)
  • school uniforms and school materials for the children
  • Construction of a henhouse for the extension of the chicken farm and thus to secure livelihoods.

Project coordinates: 12.9694, 103.0477

Date: November 29, 2017


Status: Project completed
Sponsor: Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.