Repairs to a detached house after a storm in Bech Khlok

Ya’s family lives in Bech Khlok, a hard-to-reach settlement in western Cambodia. The people there have no access to clean drinking water, no electricity and no medical care during the rainy season (4-5 months per year).

Our partner organisation, Seed – Small Beginnings, has built a school in this village and supports families on the spot. This year Seed – Small Beginnings is building a kindergarten and redesigning the school grounds. The Kleine Hilfsaktion has supported the village several times. Bicycles were donated for school children who have a long way to school, the project Eyelight came to the village and it was started to improve the drinking water supply.  In the last year and the Kleine Hilfaktion financed the installation of bio sand filters for 25 families. This year, these families will receive water tanks and water collection systems from the Kleine Hilfsaktion.

Ya is a student of the primary school in Bech Khlok.

Ya lives with four other family members (parents and a younger sister, as well as a younger brother) in a small house.  The parents have no permanent employment, they work as day labourers on farms or go to Thailand for seasonal work.

On April 22, 2019, a storm destroyed the family home. The tin roof of the house (20 tin roof panels) was blown down from the dilapidated wooden roof scaffold.

Since the family did not have enough financial means to buy new wooden bracing and sheet metal, the Kleine Hilfsaktion stepped in to help the family out of this difficult situation. The necessary wooden and sheet metal parts were bought so that the family could sleep in the dry during the rainy season that had just begun. The family has now started to rebuild the roof with the help of neighbours.

Date: 13. Mai 2019

Roof renewal costs

Description Costs in $
Wood and corrugated iron 75

Project coordinates: 12.6137890, 103.2793912


Status: Project completed
Budget: $ 75,-
Sponsor: Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.