Construction of a new hut

A poor family with three children, 8 months, 7 years, and 10 years old really need a new house to live. The husband always move away to Thailand for working as a construction worker to make money to support his family and left his wife and three children at home. He also was arrested as the illegal construction worker in Thailand for this job. His youngest child was used to fall down from his existing old house because of unsuitable wall on the other side. The family will contribute their labors with community supports to build this new house and the rest for construction this house will be supported by the project. Moreover, the water jars and cutter will be supported to connect the roof for rain water collection during the rainy-season. Responding to this wonderful support, the family has promised to clean all the plastic trash around their house and keep their house clean and free of trash.

Item Cost

Column (wood)

Zins (roof)

Palm leaves (wall)

Wood (floor)


Water jar

Cutter for water system


287,50 €

103,50 €

86,25 €

138,00 €

230,00 €

23,00 €

143,75 €

28,75 €

115,00 €

Project coordinates: 12.657304,103.908852

Date: 29. März 2018

Written by: Sophalla Orn (BBC)


Status: Project completed
Budget: 1.156 €
Sponsor: Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.