Hope for the children in La Armonia / Argentina

In 2021, United VARs and SAP would again like to implement a social project together with us. After we had already jointly equipped three large schools in Cambodia with drinking water, toilets, hand washing stations and a minimum level of knowledge about water and hygiene in 2019, we went to Tanzania together in 2020. There we built a school for 250 children and an integrated orphanage that gives 60 orphans a new home.
In 2021, United VARs and SAP wanted to lend a hand to another continent, South America. The choice fell on the children in La Armonia/Argentina. There is hardly anything in this region except endless green meadows and grazing cattle. The people live mostly very scattered and the unemployment rate is more than 11.4%. The children living here are highly affected by lack of perspective and poverty. Already in 2004, Ulrike Flemming from Munich founded the music school “Santa Maria de La Armonia” in order to give the children a perspective, a task and thus a foothold in their lives. This school is run by the so-called Servidoras, a kind of religious sisters. Every day, 100 – 150 children are collected by bus from far away and brought to the music school. Here they get everything that is not available at home due to circumstances, education, rules, food, hygiene and social contacts. In the late afternoon, the children are taken back to their often very harsh reality by the school’s own bus.

Our project “Giving Perspectives – Strengthening Support” does not directly support the work of La Armonia. Rather, together with United VARs, SAP and La Armonia, we have been thinking about how to improve what is often a primary domestic situation. In many families, the roof leaks, the house is not insulated, the water connection is missing, or the electrical system is in a life-threatening condition, if it exists at all. The parents of many children are completely overwhelmed and financially unable to remedy these inhumane conditions. Accordingly, in the background of the children there is despair, discontent, alcoholism and also lack of perspective. In addition, some houses are simply life-threatening.

We believe that a decent and safe home is very important for the children, as well as for the overall situation in which the children find themselves, for their future chances. Our commitment to strengthen the backbone (the family and the home) together with the great work of La Armonia should prevent as many children as possible from a career in prostitution and/or drug trafficking. In this process, every single child counts and, of course, so does their family.

First, the Servidoras re-screened the background of the children in the school. The 20 families whose deficits were the greatest were revisited and a plan was put in place to address the grievances. In close cooperation with the Servidoras on site, the feasibility and feasibility were put in a realistic relation to the budget. With the available funds of about € 60.000,- we are able to help 18 families and thus 82 people in a sustainable way and to drastically improve the initial situation for the children. Of these 82 people, 12 are under the age of 7 and 30 are children under the age of 18. If even one child as a result does not slip into the local “career”, the effort has already been worthwhile – but it will positively influence more than one child, we are very sure.

Project progress will be posted regularly on our blog.

Date: April 2021


Status: Sponsors founded
Budget: 60.000 €
Sponsor: SAP, United Vars

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