Help for the disabled: Mobility and security

A disability is always a strong impairment in the life of the person concerned. In developing countries, however, this is much higher. People with disabilities have no lobby here, their problems are not a priority and infrastructural assistance is not available. People with disabilities are in the focus of aid at the Kleine Hilfsaktion with children, the sick and the elderly.


Quick Facts

Training / Jobs
Construction Work
Medical care & aids
Monthly support

Help for the disabled in detail

Training / Jobs

Bringing disability and a job in line is costly and difficult to realize everywhere. That’s why we support local initiatives that are often led by a disabled person. If it is possible to create / find a job that suits the individual disability, the person concerned can contribute to its cost of living and see again a meaning in his life.
Costs: € 20,- to € 100,-

Construction Work

Due to a lack of infrastructure in developing countries, a person with disabilities can hardly participate in daily life. We try to provide individual help in schools and in the home environment. These include driveways / slopes at toilets or at the school entrance, paths around the hut or the construction / extension of training centers or entire homes for the disabled.
Costs: € 150,- to € 10.000,-

Medical Care & Aids

A disability often brings with it further health consequences. We take care of hygiene and wound treatment of lying patients as well as necessary surgeries. Different types of disability require adapted and practical aids. We provide wheelchairs, crutches, bandages, catheters or wound treatment material.
Costs: € 5,- to € 300,-

Monthly Support

If the person concerned can not be accommodated in a suitable job and the family is unable to pay for their livelihood, often only permanent monthly support or accommodation remains in a rehabilitation center. If you are interested in taking on such a sponsorship, please contact us.
Costs: € 25,- to € 150,- / monatlich

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