Days4Girls: The puberty “difficult days”

Girls between the ages of 11 and 14 enter puberty. The period and a mixed up hormone household are accompanied by sudden fertility. Children in rural schools in developing countries are usually not prepared for this phase of life, family education often fails because of a high sense of shame and there is no corresponding access to the media. Puberty hits most girls in Cambodia and Laos completely unprepared. The period prevents them from attending school, they think they are ill, they have no place to go, no one to turn to, no knowledge of hygiene, no technical possibilities in the form of bandages, etc.

Lack of information/education is not least the reason for childhood pregnancy.


Quick Facts

Enlightenment – Workshop
Hardware – everything needed
Own production = secure jobs

Costs per set € 22,50

(Hardware & Training)

How many sets do you want to donate?


Days 4 Girls in Detail

Enlightenment – Workshops

Each set includes a workshop in which we prepare the girls, give them all the important information about the upcoming changes, train them in hygiene, handling and care of the hardware handed out, and inform them about fertility / contraception and diseases.

Hardware – everything you need

Our “set” consists of 3 underpants, 3 washable inserts, a piece of soap, an easy to understand manual for handling and cleaning the items, a resealable plastic bag and a menstrual calendar. Everything is lovingly packed in a colourful fabric bag.

Own production = 5 secure jobs

We make these “sets” ourselves on site. A cooperating local organisation has created a secure job for five women who were previously homeless. Due to the effective and especially sustainable help provided by the sets, including training, more than 1,000 girls were helped in the first year alone. A safe job as long as there are donors who recognize this.

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What has happened so far…

Tonle O’m Primary School, Days 4 Girls for 235 girls

Kandieng, Days 4 Girls for 270 girls