Help needed over generations

We’re on our way to a 96 year old lady, who has three children and owns a large piece of land. One son lives and works in Thailand. One daughter lives next door on the same property. One son (31 years old) of the daughter lives next door with his grandmother and lovingly cares for her. She hasn’t left her house in years. Because of a broken leg, she cannot get up either. She is forced to go to the toilet inside the house she is staying in, because the floor consists only of nailed wooden boards and represents an insurmountable obstacle. The rest of the house is in a very bad condition as well.

Neighbours provide the family with food.

The old lady wants to pass the piece of land on which her hut stands, on to her 31-year-old grandson after her death. This wish should be expressed in writing. We begin after the inscription in the “Testament” and would like to support the grandson with the cultivation of a vegetable field to secure his livelihood.

In addition, we would like to give them the following benefits:

  • wheelchair
  • renovation of walls and floors of the house
  • Integration of a toilet area in the house (hole in the floor)
  • 100 kg rice
  • Additional package for older people (fish, milk, etc.)
  • Kitchen and sleeping set

The 96-year-old lady has transferred the rest of the country to her daughter (71 years old). The 71-year-old lady split the land between herself and her daughter. The hut of the 71-year-old lady is also in a precarious condition. The main part of the house is no longer habitable. The rest of the house is just a pain in the ass.

Her daughter, who lives on the front part of the property, had a moped accident. She and her family lacked the financial means to get medical treatment, and since then she has not been able to walk properly or take care of her children. The house in which she lives was sponsored by an organization after her old house burned down and was no longer habitable. Her mother takes care of her children. The children of her other daughter are also cared for, as this daughter is working with her husband in Thailand.

We would like to support the family with the following services:

  • Construction of a house for 2 people
  • 100 kg rice
  • Package of cooking ingredients (sauces, spices)
  • 1 kitchen set, 2 sleeping sets (mosquito nets and mattresses)

Conclusion: All family members living on this piece of land lack sufficient basic food and clean drinking water. Up to now, they have been receiving their drinking water from the nearby polluted river. The water is only boiled before drinking for the smallest of the family, therefore the whole family often suffers from diarrhoea. On the property there are various rainwater collection tanks and an education about unclean drinking water in connection with diarrhoea also took place. In addition, a henhouse is built and 5 chickens, as well as 1 cockerel for all family members are bought to ensure a livelihood.

Project coordinates: 12.934597, 103.153214

Date: November 30, 2017


Status: Project completed
Sponsor: Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.