… fast, practical and unbureaucratic

Emergency Aid: fast, practical and unbureaucratic

Already the first project of the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. was a so-called emergency project. The unbureaucratic and quick help is aimed at people who have also found themselves in a life-threatening situation in the difficult environment of a developing country. These are mostly fates that need immediate help without a long meeting. This requires experience, a pragmatic approach and short decision-making paths.


Quick Facts

Basic Food & Clothing Package
Basic Kitchen, Household & Living Package
Medical Care
Construction Work

Emergency Aid in Detail

Basic Food & Clothing Package

In many cases there is simply a lack of basic services. Malnutrition or even lack of clothing directly endanger the health of those affected. Here we first help with a basic package so that the affected person does not starve or freeze to death. Once the situation has stabilised, further sustainable measures can be initiated.
Costs: € 25,- to € 375,-

Basic kitchen, household living package

Diseases often come through simple, easy-to-change things. A mosquito net against dengue fever or malaria, a blanket against pneumonia, or even pots, plates and simple kitchen utensils for a better diet. Sometimes only one pot of water is needed to boil water before eating ….
Costs: € 20,- to € 250,-

Medical care

Our emergency aid also includes fast and unbureaucratic help in the event of illness. Particularly in rural areas, people have no access to a doctor or hospital. The simplest illnesses can have serious consequences for the patient and often their family. We organize the transport to the doctor or to the hospital, arrange the treatment and finance the food and the remedies.
Costs: € 30,- to € 500,-

Construction Work

Climate change or various other causes often lead to floods, fires or other incidents on an unprecedented scale. Especially the often destitute population in rural areas often loses everything they have – the roof over their heads. Especially families with children, sick and old people cannot build even the simplest hut on their own. Everything is missing. Here we help with this basic need, as long as there is no other option.
Costs: € 100,- to € 1.000,-

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