There is a lack of any means of subsistence

On the way to an older lady (74 years old). She has two sons. One of them lives in Thailand and is married. His wife owns the land where his mother lives for rent. The lease is limited to two years. He has his own family and cannot support his mother financially. The other son lives with her and is 31 years old.

To earn a living, she rents a piece of land and grows vegetables for sale. The son takes care of the food for the cows of a neighbor. If a cow has offspring, he receives a calf in return.

The house has decayed and there are no means of subsistence.

We decide to support the family with the following services:

  • 2 sleeping sets (mosquito nets and mats)
  • 100 kg rice
  • Package of cooking ingredients (sauces, spices)
  • Repair of the house walls
  • New clothing
  • Walking aid for the elderly lady

Project coordinates: 12.9653, 103.1470

Datum: November 29, 2017


Status: Project completed
Sponsor: Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.