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Eyesight: Seeing is living

Losing sight is terrible anywhere in the world, but in developing countries like Cambodia and Laos, it has incomparable consequences. If one parent or grandparent goes blind, the family childcare system can collapse quickly, and the care of the children is no longer guaranteed. Moreover, people who bring income and other benefits into households can no longer do so, often causing families to slide into poverty.

Protecting eyes with sunglasses, improving vision with eyeglasses, and returning eyesight with cataract surgery are vitally important for self-sufficiency, security and education. Since 2012, we have been committed to improving eye care in rural Cambodia and Laos by providing free eye screenings, eyeglasses, sunglasses and cataract surgeries. We do this in coordination with volunteer opticians and doctors, along with assistance from local authorities.


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Sight is essential for everyone, especially in such challenging conditions as Cambodia and Laos. Those who cannot see correctly lose the ability to provide for themselves, learn, and work. During eye screenings, if we discover that a patient has a visual impairment, we help them quickly and in an unbureaucratic way by providing them with the appropriate eyeglasses. Practical help can be that simple.
Costs: € 28,-


One reason for the high number of eye diseases, injuries, and cataracts, is the absence of eye protection, especially in Cambodia, where wearing sunglasses is not the rule, and the powerful tropical sun and dusty roads cause significant damage to people’s eyes. The rural population, in particular, is unaware that sunglasses protect their eyes against harmful UV rays.
Our volunteer eye specialists explain the importance of wearing sunglasses, and we distribute them free of charge.
Costs: € 15,-

Eye surgery

If a family member loses their eyesight, the whole family is affected. In Cambodia and Laos, losing a productive family member to blindness can be life-threatening, as there is no social welfare office or health insurance to help. An eye operation for a mother, father, grandmother or grandfather is often vital, especially for the children of the family, who are cared for collectively among family members.
If we find an operable eye disease (usually cataracts), we clarify it with another eye specialist, arrange the operation, organize the transport of the patient and one accompanying person, finance the meals for both persons for three days, provide reading glasses and sunglasses, and follow-up care. Not only has a human being been given a great gift—the gift of sight—but, in all probability, a whole household has benefited.
Costs: € 75,-

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