How a Rollator changes lives

As part of the Fundriding Tour last year, we handed over a rollator to an elderly lady (73 years old) and mother of seven children. Two daughters and a grandchild live with her in a small house. The husband of the older daughter (37 years), works in Thailand. In Cambodia, many family members leave the country to earn more money in Thailand. In many cases this is not associated with little difficulties: Jobs are dangerous and a residence permit is not always available. However, low wages and lack of opportunities often force Cambodians to work in neighbouring countries.

The second daughter living in the house (26 years), has a mental handicap and will be dependent on the help of other people for the rest of her life.

The elderly lady mentioned above, was unable to leave her house alone for seven years and could not move on her own! Due to a walking disability and a back problem (tilting, stiffening), she was unable to walk without a walking aid.

This year, the Kleine Hilfsaktion visited the lady again to find out about her condition. Since this lady has her rollator, her life has become much easier! She is able to feed her needy daughter. She also took part in the project ‘eyelight’. Our opticians discovered a cataract and now an operation, including supply and transport, is realized! We hope that this measure will further improve their quality of life and look forward to the next visit.

Project coordinates: 12.8760, 103.1233

Date: November 27, 2017


Status: Project completed
Sponsor: Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.