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About us

A visit to Cambodia in February 2007 turned into a life’s work for Kerstin and Roland Debschütz. With their very personal commitment and donations from Germany, they wanted to help alleviate the plight of people in one of the world’s poorest countries. What began with purely private activities and repeated trips to Cambodia, has been a registered non-profit association since 2010: Kleine Hilfaktion e. V. The aim of the Kleine Hilfsaktion is to help people – especially children – quickly and unbureaucratically.


Practical and sustainable development aid is the focus of our work. With this in mind, we have launched a number of projects that we have been supporting for many years.

Emergency aid

Together with our Cambodian partner organisation Bareebo, we help where the need is greatest. Fast, practical and unbureaucratic.


We’ve done a lot of work. But we have a lot more to do. In the future, we are planning projects that will help improve Cambodia’s infrastructure in a sustainable manner.


The projects of Kleine Hilfaktion e. V. are divided into three major sections: Sustainable development aid, emergency aid and future projects. In order to ensure that our donors know what we are working on and where their donations are going, we regularly define specific donation targets that correspond to our current work priorities and provide concrete on-site assistance.

Project Emergency Aid

In an emergency situation, quick help is essential. In developing countries such as Cambodia however, this cannot be sufficiently achieved due to the lack of infrastructure and the poor economic situation. The aim of this project is to provide immediate and reliable support in the event of an emergency. more

Project WASH

One of our current goals is, clean drinking water and sanitation for nine schools, each with over 120 students and their teachers. In the past, we have already been able to successfully carry out school projects of this kind under the title WASH (Water, Sanitary Facilities and Hygiene Training). more


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