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Companies of all sizes wield varying degrees of influence on society, the environment, and their employees and customers. It is therefore important and commendable that an increasing number of companies are prioritizing sustainability and taking on greater social responsibility than ever before. Embracing corporate responsibility has a positive impact on society, enhances the company’s social image, and fosters employee loyalty.

As a charitable organization, we are perfectly sized to execute any project effectively while remaining adaptable to your unique project visions and budgets. Together, we can identify a meaningful and impactful aid project in Africa, Southeast Asia, or other regions of the world that aligns with your values and provides the help you intend.

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A medium- or long-term partnership can lead to substantial impact.

Sustainable Gifts

Give something special to your employees and customers this Christmas.

Online Donation

Easily donate online and help people in need worldwide with just a few clicks.

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What sets us apart:

  • Years of experience and a strong international network
  • We work with a focus on impact and transparency
  • A dedicated point of contact for the joint project
  • Expert guidance in developing a customized project
  • Individual support and project management throughout the project duration
  • Professional marketing materials for your communication needs
  • Clear and transparent reporting for you, your employees, and customers
  • Accompanied project visits

Voices of the companies

Helping the most vulnerable in the world is an essential part of our sustainability initiatives. For many years, we have trusted the team at Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. due to their international experience and extremely low administrative overheads. All our joint projects have been delivered on time, within budget, and with high quality.

Detlef Mehlmann, United VARs

Software4You is aware of its social responsibility – towards its employees and beyond. Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. is the ideal partner for us to provide assistance where it is truly needed. We have a clear understanding of how our contributions improve living conditions and education. Many employees also personally support Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V., so the entire S4U team, both as a company and privately, collaborates with Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. to provide significant help.

Dirk Brinkmann, Software4You

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