Education - precondition for lasting change

The vast majority of people in this world live below the subsistence level. Often wars, natural disasters or regimes are the reason why a country falls so far or does not even emerge. But they all have one thing in common. Most people are poor because they are uneducated, or they are uneducated because they are poor. In order to break this vicious circle of (educational) poverty, it is necessary to raise the level of education in the respective regions/countries. Only the current young population can lead Cambodia, for example, out of the status of a developing country. And this is only possible if this generation gets access to education. Without education, an economy cannot recover.

Therefore a central approach of the Kleine Hilfsaktion is to support education and to make education possible. We have already helped thousands of children. Be it through the installation of a water supply in more than 25 schools, be it through the financial support of schools, be it through a power supply or even through our own school with at least 260 pupils.


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