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Fundriding – that means on a scooter across a fascinating country with breathtaking landscapes, immersion in the aid projects of the Little Aid Action, emotional encounters with people in areas that hardly a tourist reaches – and above all: help for self-help for the people on site. Because every fund rider is not only a traveler but also a development worker. Every kilometer driven makes a small but sustainable contribution to development aid in Cambodia and Lao.

Every fundrider has the task of finding kilometers and collecting at least 100 cents per kilometer driven. At about 1,300 kilometers, each driver drives at least € 1,300, – for projects of the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. For the sponsors there is no limit to the top ;-).

The minimum amount for one kilometer sponsoring is 1 cent / kilometer. All mileage sponsors will be informed of the exact amount after the tour and will receive a tax deductible donation receipt upon receipt of the sponsorship sum on the account of Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. more >

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Nadine Urbansky
Nadine Urbansky
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Roland Debschütz