– an important boost for the home for the disabled in Vientiane/Laos –

Fundriding is an ideal fundraising tool for the KHA e.V.. We fundraise not only financial contributions through the kilometres driven, but also publicity and attention to our important and effective social work.

In the spring of 2019 we will expand our radius of action in South East Asia to Laos. In autumn 2018 Nadine Urbansky and Roland Debschütz already travelled to Laos to prepare the fundriding tour. We have decided to support at least one social Laotian project. It is a home for people with disabilities, which is built, financed and managed by a woman with a physical disability. We took a comprehensive look at it and considered it urgently worthy of support. Never before has the home received financial help from outside. People with disabilities have no lobby here, receive no support from the state and face unsolvable daily problems completely alone, without a family.

In her center “Xonpao Lao – Disabled People Association” the director, Mrs. Jaah, offers people with a disability and without social support not only a home, but a task. Each resident is trained in a task according to the degree of disability. This can be tailoring, painting pottery, making bracelets and souvenirs, or any other activity. For self-financing the produced things are sold.

Our fundriders had decided to use a part of the collected donation sum for this home. Right at the beginning of the Fundriding Tour we spent a whole day together with all twelve Fundriders in this home to find out what is missing and how we can support the commitment of Mrs. Jaah actively and effectively.

Nadine & Roland had already visited this project in advance and inspected the installation of a computer room. Therefore, all twelve fundriders were asked to organize at least one used laptop and bring it to Laos. They also declared three used wheelchairs and a rollator as their own medical baggage and brought these things with them. Nadine & Roland also arrived with 30 kg of bandages and a lot of used clothes, which will reduce the costs of the home at least in terms of materials.

The home consists of a women’s home directly in Vientiane and a men’s home outside the city. The severely handicapped men have to be driven for about an hour every morning and every evening to get to the women’s centre, where the business premises are located. This is usually done with the company’s own tricycle, which is also used to transport goods. Unfortunately, the motor of the tricycle is broken, so that the wheelchair users have to sleep outside on the floor in front of the womens home – an unbearable thought for us.

Since normally no men and women are allowed to sleep in one home under one roof and also the sanitary conditions make it impossible to combine the two homes, we started to solve the problems. One part of the fundriders took care of the repair of the tricycle and another part of the fundriders took care of the planning of a new part of the building next to the women’s shelter. We built a computer room and living space for the male residents of the home. This will not only save the rent for the separate men’s shelter in the future, but will also make work more effective.

We spent a whole day inspecting the home, planning the construction and procuring a new engine and other spare parts for the tricycle. The fundriders were very motivated and had a lot of good ideas and for the first time had the opportunity to work as development workers on their first real mission.

The next morning, we finally started the long awaited first fundriding tour through the northern mountains of this beautiful country. In about eleven days we covered about 1.550 km before we spent another day directly at the project. None of us would have expected that the planned project goals (extension of two living rooms, a computer room, a sanitary facility and a warehouse, commissioning of the hardware, procurement of a keyboard for two blind musicians among the home residents and the repair of the tricycle) were already so far advanced. Impressed by this commitment, all the fundriders went to the finishing touches and got many things ready to make the home a new home for the 40 or so residents of the home in the future. Unfortunately, our trip is over now, but in about a week the whole project goal should be reached. Of course, we are constantly and extensively informed about the construction progress and we are very happy to be able to help these people who are unfortunately somewhat dependent on society. The farewell was corresponding and should emotionally remain in the memory of all participants forever. We are sure that all donors will be happy to be a part of this wonderful project. The rest of the money raised will go to our Emergency Fund, with which we quickly and effectively help hundreds of people in developing countries every year, saving lives, giving a home, financing surgery or providing visual aids.

The Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. would like to thank the Fundriders for their commitment, their travel expenses and the generosity and trust of the donors.

Project coordinates: 17.976688,102.560211


Extension of three rooms and sanitary facilities

Status: Project completed
Budget: 3.850 USD
Sponsor: Fundriding-Team 02/2019

Second hand keyboard

Status: Project compledet
Budget: 570 USD
Sponsor: Piepenburg – Gerling Rechtsanwälte

Interior fittings

Status: Projekt completed
Budget: 2.105 USD
Sponsor: Fundriding-Team 02/2019

Fixing motorbike

Status: Project completed
Budget: 370 USD
Sponsor: Fundriding-Team 02/2019

Furniture computer room

Status: Project completed
Budget: 550 USD

Health insurance pregnant woman

Status: Project completed
Budget: 270 USD/Jahr
Sponsor: Fundriding-Team 02/2019


Condition of the house before upgrading

Condition of the house during upgrading