Project Eyesight November 2017

Our project Augenlicht exists since Feb 2013 – time for a small record!

Despite the diversity of aid organisations in Cambodia, there are many individual cases that fall through any grid. Older people and people with disabilities are particularly affected. Therefore, the kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. works purposefully to improve the living conditions of all individuals and families, if possible, without screening.

Sight is important for all people in such a difficult environment. Those who cannot see properly lose the ability to support themselves, to learn and to work. If a family member loses his/her sight, the whole family is affected. In Cambodia, the loss of a family member can be life-threatening, because there is no social security office or health insurance. Eye surgery for mother or father is often vital, especially for the children of the family.

Jeroen Coenen, Nadine Urbansky and Michael Jäger conducted 1,580 screenings together with the Bareebo team within only 10 days.

Fortunately, many of them had no anomalies! In the screenings, the eye lens, the anterior eye and visual acuity are checked.

A total of 163 cataract cases were identified and included in our eye surgery program. Those affected can be operated on promptly if they wish. The operation is free of charge in Cambodia for people with a so-called “Yellow Card” (here like a social security card). However, meals are not provided in hospitals, and care and transport must also be provided by family members/friends. This alone is unaffordable for the Cambodian, especially for ones from rural areas. In addition, the person concerned does not even know what he/she has. He therefore does not know that it is operable and of course not that this can be done free of charge in the hospitals of the far-away provincial town. We also close this informative gap in our project Eyelight.

In addition, countless glasses were handed out. To achieve this, the kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. collects used spectacle frames all year round in advance. They are glazed in Cambodia and delivered promptly.

After many people in the Banan region had already taken part in the screenings, we went to more remote regions of Cambodia, the so-called Rural Areas. Our visit was announced in advance by the village leaders. Some of the people arrived for screening from far-flung regions. Hundreds gathered in the village squares.

We also did a screening at the village school “Countryside”. Children who are cared for by CFI (Childrensfuture) and Sokhan and Dalin, an individual case help of the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V., also took part.

Here is an overview of the places we visited:

20-November: Kantei Primary School, Chamka ou Knatei II

21-November: Chheuteal, Commune Center, Baydomram Chheuteal

22-November: Trungmoahn Pagoda (Phnomsampov)

23-November: Snung Pagoda Snung Snung

24-November: Tangen Pagoda Tangen Takream

25-November: Countryside Class, Wat Kor Commune

26-November: “Jungle School”, Bech Kloch

Our helpers use motorcycles to reach remote villages. This year, the “Eyelight” campaign will conclude with a very special tour. We started with a caravan in a good two hours drive to the Kardamomgebirge and visited the jungle school in Bech Kloch (seedbeginnings).

The paths have already been described to us as very demanding. But what came was pure driving adventure. First a puncture and then the Suzuki, which turned out to be “not suitable for swimming”. It’s good that Roland knows where and how to drain infiltrated water from a carburettor and/or air filter. J

We were warmly welcomed and could also do a wonderful job there. Completely finished and with some pride in our chest we returned to Battambang.

We say THANK YOUto all specialists, helpers, patrons, donors and to all who shared the excitement at home.


Sponsor: Michael Jäger, kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.