The orphanage we support in Ukraine accommodates more than 300 orphans

Together with United VARs, Kleine Hilfsaktion supports an orphanage in the City of Smela in western Ukraine. Since western Ukraine is safer than most of the battered country, we evacuated children and their caregivers from orphanages and women and children sheltering in basements in the war zones to this region. The children shown in the video on this page, for example, were evacuated to safety from an orphanage 700km (435 miles) from Smela.

The orphanage in Smela typically accommodates about 60 children, so a sudden influx of 300 plus human beings was a challenge. To alleviate shortages in materials and food in Smela, we and our partner, United VARs, provided essential supplies. On July 4, 2022, we sent a 40-ton truck to Smela loaded with 30 double bunk beds, 60 mattresses/blankets/pillows, 1,000 plates, cutlery, glasses, 500 towels, hygiene and sanitation materials, baby food, toilet paper, two industrial clothes washing machines and laundry soap, three industrial refrigerators, a chainsaw, a high-pressure cleaner, two power generators, 40,000 diapers, and ten pallets of noodles, rice, sausages, milk, cocoa, tomato sauce, sweets, soup and much more.

We thank all the donors who responded to our appeal to help these struggling people. A special thanks go to the company United VARs, who gave us their trust and support in 2022 and made this incredible project possible.


Status: Sponsors sought on an ongoing basis
Budget: € € 90.000,-
Sponsors: United VARs and Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.