KLEINE HILFSAKTION e.V. – Help that arrives!

A visit to Cambodia in February 2007 became a life mission for Roland Debschütz and his then significant other Kerstin Schalk. With their very personal commitment and donations from Germany, they wanted to contribute to alleviating the plight of the people in one of the poorest countries in the world. What began with purely private activities and repeated trips to Cambodia has been a registered charity since 2010.

Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. is active in Cambodia, Laos, Kenya, Tanzania and even in Germany. The focus is always on the people. We help in life-threatening situations, secure livelihoods, create access to education. We equip entire schools with a drinking water supply, but also look after individuals who urgently need a new hut.

The projects are always target-oriented and can be implemented immediately due to short decision-making processes, without meetings that last for months. Our high degree of flexibility allows us to react quickly and unbureaucratically to the various needs and is therefore fundamentally different from most organisations.


Quick Facts


Our Values


We use the donations clearly and comprehensibly. This rightly creates trust, because we cannot work without trust.


In order to be able to react quickly to disasters or to effectively eliminate an emergency situation, more action and less talking is needed.


A small team means less administrative costs. Every euro donated should yield the maximum amount of help.


We are few, but all real. You can talk to us, you can reach us. Your money is not lost in anonymity.


We also learn – every day – with every project. The requirements change as the problems change. We react to this by not claiming to be perfect.


To make a project sustainable and effective, we need ideas. Our own ideas, those of our supporters and perhaps even those of the target group – ideas motivate us.


We take each bit of support seriously and are grateful for it. Most support is monetary but some is also practical or idealistic. Without your support our work would not exist.


Help that arrives and leads to self-help


Unfortunately, we cannot stop the partly negative development on earth – but we will still not stop helping those who suffer from it.

Our Team

Kerstin Debschütz

– 1st chairman(ehrenamtlich)

Michael Jäger

2nd chairman and active employee – project eyesight (voluntary)

Daniel Barwig

– treasurer

Roland Debschütz

– Managing Director – (in short-time work)

Nadine Urbansky

Project Manager – (voluntary)

Rolf Externbrink

– Fundraiser(voluntary)

Project Countries

South East Asia

East Africa


8 WAYS – How you can help

1 – Become a member from 5 €/month – Membership

2 – Everything, even the smallest amount, counts! – Donate online

3 – Celebrate parties as they happen – occasional donation 

4 – Giving eyesight – Benefit motorcycle racing taxi 

5 – The tour of your life – Fundriding

6 – Running with heart – Sponsored run 

7 – Helping by linking – Social Media

8 – Shopping and doing good – Amazonsmile

Partners & Sponsors

Partner – Der Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. does not have to put everything into practice itself. Rather, our projects should benefit from the know-how and experience of our local partners. We personally check the professionalism and loyalty of various committed local aid organisations and partners, whom we work together with ourselves.

Sponsoren – Of course we cannot work without sponsors, donors or supporters. We take it as a compliment to our work that we have so many, including some well-known supporters. We thank you for your trust.