Riding with the motorcycle race taxi

The ultimate kick, the extraordinary gift or the sensible lesson. You have the possibility to be on the passenger seat of a 200 hp super sports car and choose the race track beforehand.
We will finance a cataract eye surgery in the 3rd world with every charity taxi ride. Unfortunately, this disease is extremely common in Cambodia. In the western world, cataract operations are part of the daily routine. In Cambodia, however, there is already a lack of financial means to pay for the 15 km journey to the clinic. In this difficult and sometimes dangerous environment, it is almost a death sentence to lose sight. At very least this means that the chances of self-sufficiency, education and/or a better future are lost. With this initiative we want to spare as many children as possible, but also adults, this fate. Approximately 100 taxi rides and 100 eye surgeries are planned for the 2013 season. Help us and lead a human out of the darkness. Treat yourself to this experience or gift it to someone. You can’t help more sustainably. Here you can visit the project Eyelight.