Show your CSR

Companies of all sizes have a more or less strong influence on society, the environment or on their employees and customers. Therefore, it is incredibly important that more and more companies pay attention to sustainability and attempt to assume their social responsibility.

However, for many companies, the ways to do this are uncharted territory, areas and topics that are by their very nature not part of the core values of the respective company management.

It is important to note that unleashing a “social budget” or donating to (too) large organizations with an even larger budget, is neither efficient nor understandable.

The Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. enjoys the trust of:

We have the ideal size to be capable of implementing any project and are simultaneously flexible enough to be able to incorporate your individual project ideas and budgets. We will work WITH you to find the most sensible and effective aid project in Africa, Southeast Asia or other regions of the world. It has to suit you and supply the aid you are intending to provide.

Clear and transparent reporting for you, your employees and customers, professional marketing material in the form of reports, short films, pictures and texts. We deliver everything your marketing department expects in order to display your assumed social responsibility – your CSR.

“Do good and talk about it” should be a win-win situation, for the people in developing countries and for your company.

Let us support your company. We would be happy to advise you.

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Roland Debschütz
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