Tumpor Primary School

History of the primary school

Tumor Primary School is located in Central Cambodia, in the village of Tumpor. The village is 130 km away from the next bigger city Pursat. There are three school buildings on the school premises, one of which is not yet completed. The other two school buildings contain a total of five classrooms. There are 78 students attending the primary school. They are taught by four teachers.

The children have no access to clean water and/or sanitary facilities. The importance of proper hygiene measures is demonstrated by the current situation COVID-19 worldwide.

Condition of the school before the changeover

Power supply

Not available

Existing water resources and their use

Due to its location, the school cannot be connected to a water supply. No well or pond exists. There is no river flowing in the immediate vicinity of the site and even small rainwater catchment tanks could not be purchased so far.

There are no latrines. The children are forced to defecate behind the school.

There are no hand washing stations. The students have no possibility to wash their hands.

There is no drinking water available for the students.

General condition of the school (cleanliness / maintenance)

Unfortunately, there has been no training in the area of water/hygiene/environment. Accordingly, garbage is inadequately disposed of. There is a lack of hardware, understanding and knowledge.

Conversion of the school 


  • Rainwater collection tank, incl. foundation and piping: 1 pc. with 35.000 l
  • Hand washing stations: 4 pcs.
  • Latrine (1 toilet): 1 pc. (handicapped accessible for girls and boys), the toilet building will be equipped with handicapped access.
  • The used service water will be used to irrigate the plants.
  • Waste disposal system
  • Handover ceremony of the WaSH system
  • Follow-up, transport

Training of teachers and students

  • Training of the director and first teacher in maintenance work, upkeep
  • Training of teachers in hygiene and handling of the WaSH system
  • Training of the students in the field of hygiene and handling of the WaSH system

Water analysis 

All drinking water will be tested to ensure that the drinking water is safe and clean

Monitoring & Evaluation


Cost per capita / child for an effective, long-lasting and sustainable implementation of
basic living conditions 112,69 €.

Detailed project costs

No. Description Costs in €
1 1x Cement water tank (capacity 35,000 L) + base + taps + gutter + pipes, including water test 3.700,-
2 4 x hand washing stations 720,-
3 1 x Toilet (handicapped accessible for girls and boys) 1.100,-
4 waste disposal system 250,-
5 Maintenance and repair training 400,-
6 Training for teachers in the field of hygiene and handling of the WaSH system 235,-
7 Training of the students in the field of hygiene and handling of the WaSH system 210,-
8 Handover ceremony of the WaSH system 70,-
9 Follow up, transportation 630,-
10 Personnel costs, transport, administration 1.474,50


With a total budget of only €8,789.50, the learning and working conditions for 78 students, four teachers and other school staff were improved effectively, long-term and sustainably. The risk of injury has been drastically reduced and hygienic conditions improved.

Date: January 25, 2022

Project coordinates: 12.36701000, 103.1046720


Status: Sponsors founded
Budget: 8.789,50 €
Sponsor:  and Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.