Ta Ey Primary School

School history

Ta Ey Elementary School is located in Ta Ey, Siem Reap Province. 300 pupils attend the primary school. 157 of the 300 students are girls. Classes take place in the morning and afternoon in three buildings.

State of the school before the conversion

Power supply


Existing water resources and their use

There are two wells and two hand washing stations. The well water is used to wash hands, to use the latrines and to clean the school.

There is no drinking water available for the students.

Condition of the latrines

There are two toilet buildings with two toilets each. The toilets must be set up instantly and cleaned professionally.

Waste management

There are rubbish bins in every classroom and there is no rubbish on the floor. The school grounds look well-kept. There is no garbage disposal system. The rubbish is collected in a heap behind the school and burned. The smoke moves directly or indirectly into the school, depending on the direction of the wind.

General condition of the school (cleanliness / maintenance work)

There are alternating students responsible for cleaning the latrines and for collecting garbage. Unfortunately there is no training in the area of ​​water / hygiene / environment. Accordingly, the latrines are insufficiently cleaned and the garbage disposed of. There is simply a lack of understanding and knowledge.

Upgrading the school

Planned Measures

The WaSH system will be operated with rainwater in the future.

  • professional cleaning and repair of the two existing toilet houses
    new: a latrine building with 5 toilets; the buildings are divided into girls and boys. According to the Ministry of Education & Sport, the standard is one toilet for every 50 girls and one toilet for every 100 boys. We are also installing urinals for the boys and all toilet buildings are being built with disabled access

Teacher training

  • Project organization and planning
  • Training in hygiene, environment, drinking water

Further construction work

  • Renewal of a roof
  • Painting of three school buildings
  • Repair of two floors

Detailed project costs

No. Description Costs in $
1 1x Roof renewal 6.219,00
2 3x Painting school building 2.300,00
3 2x Mending floors 2.381,00
4 Garbage disposal system 232,00
5 Toilet building with 5 toilets 2.900,00


With a total budget of only $ 14,032 the learning and working conditions for 300 pupils, 10 teachers and other employees of the school could be improved effectively, lastingly and sustainably. The risk of injury was drastically reduced and the hygienic conditions improved.

Date: October 03, 2020


Toilet building with 5 toilets

Status: Sponsor founded
Budget: 2.900 €
Sponsor: Last Hope Katastrophenhilfe

Repair of the floors and renewal of the roof

Status: Sponsor founded
Budget: $ 11.132,00
Sponsor: Ta Ey Primary School, Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V., Kamboo Project

Original state of the Ta Ey primary school

New toilet building

Repair of the floors and renewal of the roof