Sponsorship Prom Somethyla

Prom Somethyla lives together with her mother in a typical Cambodian stilt hut near the Kandieng Sustainable School (KSS). Her father was a teacher at the KSS and died last year of a flu-like effect due to the lack of a health system and financial resources. Prom Somethyla has two siblings. An older sister (19 years) and an older brother (23 years). Both live in Phnom Penh. Her brother is studying at the university, thanks to a scholarship, and is already in his fourth semester. In about seven months he will successfully complete his studies and wants to find a job as soon as possible to support his mother and siblings. His mother is currently selling fish at the market near the KSS. The monthly income is 50 USD. She can hardly bear the maintenance costs for herself and her daughter. There is a lack of financial means to support the children beyond the public school, for leisure activities and for medical care.

Prom Somethyla travels to school by bike every day. She enthusiastically participates in English classes, computer courses and library activities. She most appreciates the good hygienic conditions and the qualifications of the teachers at our KSS.

In the regular school she attends the ninth grade. Mathematics and English are her favourite subjects. Her dream is to study. She wants to deepen her handling of numbers and earn her income in finance.

Prom Somethyla is an open-minded, courageous and intelligent girl. She always takes her assigned tasks seriously, carries them out extremely conscientiously and is always focused on the essentials.

In order to ensure the financial hardship of the family and the education of Somethyla, the family currently needs a monthly allowance of 25 euros.

Project coordinates: 12.588160, 103.953802


Status: Sponsor found
Budget: 35 €/ monthly
Sponsor: Marlies & Holger Urbansky and Aileen Wichmann