United Vars – we are building a school with an orphanage in Tanzania

The global company had already placed their trust in the KHA in 2019, and with their support we were able to equip three schools with a WASH (here the accompanying film). Hundreds of children now have access to safe drinking water, toilet facilities and the option to wash their hands.

In addition to Southeast Asia and Germany, the two African countries Kenya and Tanzania are also among the areas in which the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. is active. We supported the Tanzanian organization Shades of Hope as early as 2018. She runs a school and an orphanage in an old, much too small and dilapidated building near the garbage dump in Arusha. Some orphans live here and around 50 children from the poorest backgrounds receive a minimum of education. The rooms are too small and the orphans have to sleep five in one bed. In 2018 we campaigned for the fountain to be put back into operation, completed the construction of a sanitary facility, which was stopped due to lack of money, and purchased some bunk beds. More information on how it all started here.

In the meantime the possibilities of the dilapidated building are clearly exceeded and the care of the children is no longer possible. Together with United Vars and SAP, we are now building a new building for Shades of Hope about two kilometers away. A school with a capacity of over 150 students and an orphanage that gives more than 60 children a new home. The large building will have a self-sufficient water supply, appropriate sanitary facilities and a solar system. The new spatial capacities give Shades of Hope and the volunteer teachers a solid and secure basis to do their valuable work. The children come from the poorest of backgrounds and would otherwise face an uncertain future on the streets of Arusha. They are so enthusiastic that even now, during the construction work, they are mainly spending their free time as onlookers at the construction site. The completion of the project is planned for January 2021. We can’t wait to see the new Shades of Hope center in action.

Despite the dangers and difficulties that the pandemic brings with it, the KHA will visit and coordinate the project together with the KHA representative Natalie Pouralikhan, together with the filmmaker Sascha Gottschalk.

Date: October 03, 2020

Project coordinates: -3.444752, 36.691166


Status: Sponsors found
Budget: 61.500 €
SponsorUnited Vars

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