[:en]First reporting from David since we left Cambodia :

The projects are going well, generally speaking, although there have been a few setbacks (see descriptions below). The longer term projects take time to complete due to the participatory approach we are taking with the families. Bong does the projects step by step. Once the families complete a certain phase of a project, the next phase is begun. For example, for the three families that were relocated, before they were able to receive their home gardens they needed to successfully build their homes and create fences for keeping livestock out of their gardens. They were slow in completing these phases of the project, so they are just now getting started with their home gardens. Additionally, my/Bareebo’s only camera has been broken for about three weeks. We have taken the camera to be fixed but the repairmen said that they could not repair the camera. They told us that we might be able to have the camera fixed in Phnom Penh (PnP). We are going to PnP this week, so we will bring the camera and try to have it fixed. Because the camera is broken, we do not have photos for much of April. Please see the attached RRR Grant Tracking sheet for more details on the budget and spending. If you would like to see more detail on the spending, please go to the separate monthly sheets, which will have the details on what was purchased, where it was purchases, when it was purchases, etc.[:]