[:en]Mr. Sat ‘s family has received the house’s building, and the 1st earth tank project to store the rain water for using in the year round. The house is almost finished with building the wall and it is a bit late because the family needs to make their own wall.

The earth tank is not finished 100% yet but it is used to collect the raining water during the rainy season. And it is finished about 80% and SC has to install the gutter and the rainwater connection from the gutter to the tank. SC does not provide the training about the water users yet, so the budget is not withdrawn from the bank account to that project yet.

According to the discussion among of the club, we decided that we will provide only the bio-sand filter (BSF) to the blind man with his wife because they said they need only the filter to get the drinking water. For now the filter has installed already but it will take a few weeks to get the drinkable water and then SC will test the water to make sure that it safe to drink this water.

The 2nd earth tank has been installed to the young couple family. This family received the roof, bio-sand filter, and the earth tank. The earth tank was installed a bit far away from her house and she will rebuild a new house close to the tank. The tank is about 70% to finish and the bio-sand filter is finish to install and the roof have put but during the strong wind last couple month ago, they all damaged and she will fix it soon.

The 3rd earth tank has installed in Mr. Ry’s family and it is about 70% completed and it will be finish soon.

Mr. On, the old man and his wife (project 9/2010) has received the new house from the project, bio-sand filter and also the earth tank.

They can receive the drinkable water from the bio-sand filter but the earth tank just finished 80% of the installation and SC will finish it in this month.

The new family that you did not meet that is the old woman and she has received the zinc roof, gutter, and the bio-sand filter. From this project her family has the drinkable water.[:]