[:en]weitere Bilder

Again, another story about an old man. After some research it seems that he is 54 years old, but I would have guessed that he is at least 15 years older. Two years ago he suffered a stroke. His family threw him out. He is partially lamed and sits apathetically on a wooden bed, he can only walk super slowly, can hardly speak and cant look after himself at all. His niece looks after him because she couldn’t bring herself to leave out in the wilderness. He would definitely die. He simply can’t look after himself after his stroke. Of course his niece also has nothing, very poor conditions; she lives in the abandoned railway station in Pursat. I considered for a long time how we could help him. We can’t buy his heath back, without further ado I decided to ensure that for the rest of his sad life he would not have to lie on a hard old wooden bed. I went and bought him a mattress and a cushion. That was a journey.. at least he can now comfortably lie down relax his tired old bones. The mosquitoes will also no longer bother him. He biggest wish is to eat some noodle soup. Stupidly enough noodles are a luxury commodity in Cambodia. We left him a surprise, in a soup kitchen about 600 Meter further away. For the trip he will need about one hour but at least he will have a goal. I found an old pair of thin long trousers, a T-Shirt and a Sweat-Shirt that I had forgotten to pack in my rucksack so I left him those as well. His niece will wash and alter them so they fit. When I brought him the clothes he started to cry, just that single moment made the 20000 km trip more than worthwhile. I really wish that you all could have such an opportunity to bring that much joy into someone’s life. Again many thanks, another great moment that I was allowed to experience in the run up to Christmas.

Result: He will sleep safely and soundly for the rest of his life and enjoy 66 times his beloved noodle soup without being dependant upon anyone.

Additionally he has a change of clothes. He cried for joy….priceless.