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I have, with the help of the SC-Organization, chosen two kids for whom we would like to create an opportunity to have a basic education, reading, writing, and especially English. English is a prerequisite for any computer course. This sponsorship, administered by Sustainable Cambodia, includes a one year education, access to computers, a bicycle, so as to be able to get to school, and school uniforms and school utensils.

I have attached the original documents from the kids, they are the small boy  „Khoen“ and the even smaller  „Chhorn“. Of course I didn’t just leave them money, I actually traveled to see the family to confirm for myself that what SC told me was actually correct. Shortly before my departure to Phnom Penh, thus on the very last day, I visited the little Chhorn. Words cant express how sweet and especially how unbelievably kind this little girl was.

Even though my over loaded bus was leaving at 1.40 pm, at 12.00 I spontaneously decided to take her to the market at Pursat so as to buy for her, her first ever pair of shoes (pink Flip Flops), some clothes to wear (she only possessed a T-Shirt and an old pair of shorts) and a toy. I am convinced all of you would have gone soft if you had been there. Please look at the photos of her first ever shopping trip, I will observe her and help her whenever she needs it. Her parents are open and understand that she only has a chance when she continues to go to school. In this country the state school is insufficient, they dot teach English, there is no possibility to learn how to use computers. In addition the teachers are severely under paid and thus lack any form of motivation. .

Result: Two children that now really do have an opportunity to build a better life for themselves. We will see if they grab this unique chance of further education. We will keep an eye on them. Good luck.[:]