[:en]IMG_4430Dez 2008 Here in front of the village is an “old lady”, Kerstin will obviously remember her. She is only 61 years old , but as a result of her life story she is much older. She is a sort of personal friend of mine. At the start of the year I ensured that received from SC her new house. She works so hard for it, the woman is really unbelievable. Her standing has now increased dramatically amongst the villagers. Through her contact with me she has gained recognition and is now longer the “silly old lady” of the village. Of course I visited her again, she has changed beyond recognition but told me that she suffers from fierce headaches. Here in brief her story:

At the time of the Khmer Rouge she was a young lady. She had to stand in the queue, a queue for a mass grave. After she witnessed the clubbing to death of the people she loved the most, her mother, father, siblings, neighbours and friends it was her turn.

She was the last one on this particular afternoon. The man that did the clubbing had grown tired (in her words) and didn’t hit her hard enough on the back of her head. So she fell in the mass grave but wasn’t dead. To ensure that no one was mistakenly left alive highly poisonous chemicals were spread over the bodies but she was luckily left unscathed by these chemicals. At night she regained consciousness and managed to crawl out of the grave.   So much to that. Since then she lived as the “silly old lady” of the village.

Result: The lady has now got a life, is accepted in the village and is no longer hungry. She takes care of herself and is a brilliant example for all the villagers.

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Material Costs/$
X-ray and medicine 32,00
Eye exam and unbreakable glasses 35,00
Bicycle with basket 50,00
Battery and two 12 volt lamps 56,00
Gesamt 173,00

februar 2010:

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old-lady-2010The first job is obvious: Visit and evaluate some of last years projects, all of which are in the Pursat. We want to learn about the long term effects and results of the projects. We wish to guide one or two of the families on their road out of the disaster zone. Accordingly we first visit our 1st projects from last year: my „old Lady“ from Monk Village. She has retained her status and upon our arrival is busy working on her second small pond, directly in front of her hut. Our efforts last year have brought results. She is working hard and seems to be happy. Our battery from last year seems to have past its peak and a new one is needed. Endru has a good idea, on the journey here he had seen a small solar panel with lights and a radio. This would offer light and entertainment for 2-3 hours every evening without the necessary and costly re-charging process. The evening business in front of her hut could be re-boosted, the old lady sells soup made from the vegetables from her new garden, and from the fish out of her new pond, to people passing by.

IMGP0022Traditionally the people like to sit on the table in front of the hut, therefore we need to get her one. Once a week a vehicle comes through the town and sells such articles for a cheap price. Mr Siep (our project 12/2010 respectively 7/2008) will keep an eye out for the vehicle and buy the table and set it up in front of the hut. However, her biggest problem is the roaming cows and water buffalo, one cow can eat all her vegetables in a matter of minutes. A moment of not paying attention and you have a large problem. Therefore we decide on a simple fence. Again Mr Siep will have to follow up on this idea after we depart. We purchase all the required material, but he will have to erect the fence. But he is proud to help us.

Result: All told, our old lady is doing well and on the path we laid out for her last year. With some minor help this year, a bit of medicine and a promise that we will visit again next year and she will be alright.


Material Kosten/$
Solar light 40,00
Chain and padlock 2,63
Medicine 10,72
Table and chair 30,00
Fence 85,00
Gesamt 122,53