Project Description

“Our” orphanage in Ukraine already accommodates more than 300 orphans

Together with United VARs and SAP, Kleine Hilfsaktion supports an orphanage in western Ukraine. Since this region is still quite peaceful, we evacuate orphanages and basements in the embattled areas, where children are holed up alone or with their mothers. The children on the video, for example, were evacuated from an orphanage 700 km away. In the meantime, more than 300 orphans and about 100 mothers and staff of the orphanages are staying with us.

The orphanage in Smela normally accommodates only about 60 children. We are trying to solve the resulting logistical problems together with our partners United VARs/SAP. For this purpose, a 40-ton truck will be loaded on 07.04.2022 and set off on the direct route to Smela. It is loaded with 30 double bunk beds, 60 mattresses/blankets/pillows, 1000 plates, cutlery, glasses, 500 towels, hygiene items, baby food, washing powder, toilet paper, 2 industrial washing machines, 3 huge refrigerators, a chainsaw, a high pressure cleaner, 2 power generators, 40,000 diapers, 10 pallets of noodles, rice, sausages, milk, cocoa, tomato paste, sweets, soup and much more.

We thank all the donors who responded to our appeal. A special thanks goes to the companies United VARs and SAP, who also gave us their trust in 2022 and made this great project possible.


Status: Sponsoren fortlaufend gesucht!
Budget: € € 59.893,-
Sponsoren: United VARsSAP und Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.