Sponsorships in Tanzania

Tanzania in East Africa – a beautiful country, especially for tourists. For children who don’t know or have lost their parents, however it is certainly one of the most difficult regions on earth. No family, no access to education and no home are usually the reasons for ending up as a street child. A vicious circle that can only be broken with external help.

Together with the Swiss Natalie Pouralikhan, the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. tries to secure as many of these children as possible a place in the school of “Shades of Hope” in Tanzania. Therefore, we need you as a reliable sponsor. Please help directly, please take care of one of these children.

The transparency of this sponsorship is a matter of concern to us. Of course, you can visit your godchild and live in the facility at any time. More information here.

Quick Facts


Schulpatenschaften (Basis)


Schulpatenschaften (Voll)

Both types of sponsorship

School sponsorship 

The Basic sponsorship is for children who still have a family connection. However, they are so poor that they have no access to education. Thus, without your help, their life course is already set in stone.

Your sponsorship ensures a place in the Shades of Hope school, a school uniform, all necessary school materials, a daily breakfast and lunch.  

Costs of the school sponsorship € 30,-/month

Full sponsorship 

The full sponsorship meets the full orphans. They have no parents, or it would be inhumane to expose them to the violence or the conditions of their “family”. Without your sponsorship the child concerned will end up as a street child, sniffing glue and presumably trying to survive using crime.

Your sponsorship can prevent this. In the orphanage of Shades of Hope the children find what they need. Affection, social contacts, security, education, a school uniform, all necessary school materials, three meals a day, clothing and hygiene – simply a home.

Costs of the full sponsorship € 80,-/month

Möchten sie eine Patenschaft übernehmen, kontaktieren Sie uns!

Contact person

Natalie Pouralikhan
Tel. +49 160 2390485