Project: Help for the disabled

Mobility and security

Disabled people are certainly not to be envied anywhere in the world. In developing countries, however, they usually have no lobby at all and receive almost no support from the state. People with disabilities especially face unsolvable problems in such an environment, when the support of the family is missing or the partner is deceased.

Since our second aid trip in 2008, Roland has introduced a golden rule: Everyone who accompanies him must declare a used wheelchair as his own medical baggage and bring it along to the countries in which we are active. To date, we have already been able to return a small part of their mobility to about 140 people with disabilities. Of course, we also take care of other needs of people with mental and/or physical disabilities, like their family background, accommodation in rehabilitation facilities, visits to the doctor or simply a permanent monthly support from a sponsor.

A disability is usually very individual and requires a high flexibility of the supporting organisation, just the right thing for the Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. and its supporters/members.

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