Partners of the Kleine Hilfsaktion

The high quality of the implemented projects, the sustainability and the effectiveness of the donations depend on the local partners. It would make no sense to fly into the 3rd world twice a year, initiating new projects and then leaving them to themselves. This is why we are constantly striving to involve trustworthy local partners, who supervise the projects and ensure monitoring. This is the only way to prevent the donations from going to waste or being wasted according to the “watering-can principle”.


One of these partners is Bareebo. Bareebo was founded in the same year as the kleine Hilfsaktion, 2010. Bareebo is a flagship organization. Led by two extremely good, trustworthy and committed people, Mr. Kov Bong and Mr. David Emery. The two of them, together with the director of kHA Roland Debschütz, are an unbeatable trio. Bareebo has 20 employees who not only supervise and implement the projects of the kleine Hilfsaktion, but who are also active for two other major donors. Bareebo is financed on the one hand by the unavoidable administrative costs, which we have to pay pro rata to our order volume, and on the other hand by social and economic services, similar to a non-profit limited liability company in Germany. For example, they produce the WASH systems themselves, which we use in large numbers for our school conversions. All in all, the kleine Hilfsaktion would not be nearly as effective, if it did not have this close partner. This also applies to Bareebo in reverse order. Bareebo would not exist in this form, without the faithful partner and client kleine Hilfsaktion. An ingenious team.

SC Sustainable Cambodia

SC was the first partner of Roland & Kerstin, even before the foundation of kHA. It all began with the fact that out of curiosity we wanted to check whether there were two school godchildren at that time or whether there were only two bank account numbers, in which various godparents are diligently depositing money. These children existed, and they did so, exactly in a way you can hardly imagine. The American development aid organization Sustainable Cambodia, based in Pursat (Central Cambodia), runs several schools there and specializes in one of Cambodia’s main problems, educational poverty. The current directors of Bareebo are also former SC development workers. Together with SC we have already founded our “Kandieng Sustainable School” in 2012 about 17 km outside of Pursat. About 269 children with poorest backgrounds are allowed to attend this school. Of course, we take care of all the necessities several times a year, but this project has to be supervised 365 days a year. Someone has to manage the salaries of the teachers, implement our ideas and requirements, etc…. The professional work of SC is one of the keys to our school’s success over the years. We are happy to be able to use this infrastructure as well.


“Building Bridges for Children” is also based in Pursat. It is a small NGO, which is also founded and managed by a former SC employee. BBC runs its own school, similar to our KSS in Kandieng. The director Sophalla Orn is an extremely well-connected and professionally working development aid worker. We help to cover the school’s fixed costs with a small annual amount, which guarantees an extremely important and effective tutoring for about 200 children. In addition, BBC looks after some of the projects we have in and around Pursat. “Old Lady”, some godchildren, our former scholarship program, etc. were/are cared for by BBC.

Kinderhilfe in Kambodscha e.V.

This small club is doing great children’s projects around Phnom Penh. In 2013 we created two villages (Chy Hong I + II) out of nothing for 70 previously homeless families. Of course, these 70 families have many small children. So that the working people in the families have their backs for a few hours and can look after their income, we built a kindergarten in each village with the financial help of this great partner. Since then, the running costs of both kindergartens have been financed by this organisation around Jennifer Glindemann – amazing.

Seed of Small Beginnings

Seed of Small Beginnings is a small and independent charity that is active in Cambodia. It was established in 2014 by Andrea Brüschweiler Paulich from Switzerland. Seed’s main goal is to support local initiatives, as well as various other things. Therefore, behind such projects as ‘The People of Bech Khlok’ and ‘Countryside Class’, stand the visions of Cambodians, who want to lead their country to a better future. We will actively support them, and we are sure that together, we can create a lasting impact on the lives of many Cambodians in poverty, through education and clean drinking water.


This Austrian organisation has carried out many WASH projects with us in recent years. We have already converted around 10 schools for this committed NGO. In addition, WASSER-FÜR-DIE-WELT, led by Lars Wesener, is the co-financing partner of the current BMZ project “PPG”.


Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. We would also describe BMZ as a partner. We are currently carrying out the second major project with the German government.

Last Hope

This organisation also comes from Austria. We only met this year, but we have already made some plans. We will start our first joint project in 2017, with another WASH school.


Clearly, communication and publicity are also essential. After all, today everyone expects a professional website, an appropriate annual report and also fundraising through the various channels must be professional and appealing. Springerf3/Cologne is our ingenious partner. The head, Rolf Externbrink, has already been to Cambodia several times and has not only delighted the Facebook community with current reports. By now, he and his team have become an integral part of the kleine Hilfsaktion – fortunately 🙂


Of course we need partners and of course we look at them closely. “European Motorcycle Tours” are organized by Klaus Schoenmakers and his daughter Laura. I talked about the social commitment of kHA and, of course, especially about the fundriding tours. Rarely have I had such interesting listeners. The two of them were immediately engaged. I would like to extend the idea of fundriding tours to European bike tours as early as 2018 – the same idea of the sponsored run and the same background. For this we need a socially interested and emotional partner. We found one: EUROPEAN MOTORCYCLE TRAVELS, Laura & Klaus – I look forward to planning…..

Partners – Thanks for your active support!

Sponsors – Thank you for your generous support!