Hygiene is no longer a national problem! – this should be clear to everyone at this point!

…. Washing hands has to be possible for everyone

Today, the corona virus is a frightening reminder of how quickly hygiene problems in Third World countries can reach us. Nobody knows where the current virus really comes from, but everyone knows that the quickest and safest way to spread it is by not washing your hands.

Even if we “now have other problems”, we should not bury our heads in the sand but instead help people in poor regions – and thus ourselves – in a very simple and effective way.

We have developed inexpensive hand washing stations – simple and easy. For only € 250,- we install them at schools, kindergartens and hospitals in the developing countries we are active in. There is also a board explaining why hand washing and soap are so important in a simple way.

You can hardly save lives more directly and at the same time save yourself. Because corona must be slowed down everywhere in the world, sustainably and because long distances do not protect us; we should have learned that by now.

… and the next Virus should not even get a chance. Please help – please.


(Cost per hand wash station: € 250,-)

In Cambodia, there is not only a lack of hand washing stations, but also a lack of the necessary knowledge as to why hand washing is so important. We have been working in this country for a long time and possess the necessary means to promote hand washing across the country with these stations and the necessary information. It solely depends on your donation. Please do your part.


(Cost per hand wash station: € 250,-)

In Laos it’s like in Cambodia. Here too we can help because we have the logistics to provide numerous hand washing stations and knowledge about the topic of hand washing. This is so important to all of us, but it requires your donation. We are only asking you to donate a small amount – for all of us.







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