Food shortage is one thing – no food is quite another.

… for the poorest of the poor the consequences strike in a completely different way; they often threaten their very survival.

Unemployment, closed markets, no options to move around and no social safety net, often intensify the problems in developing countries to the point of becoming life-threatening situations. Together with our Cambodian partner Bareebo we founded a food bank.

We determined that a family with an average of € 50,- is guaranteed food supply over one month. Bareebo has already been able to collect donations of € 2.000,- and thus guarantee 40 families with their children the essential basic food at least for the first month. In order to set a good example, Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. donates € 1,000, – and thus guarantees that 20 more families do not have to go hungry. The Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V. naturally hopes for your support.

Please help one or more families through this life-threatening time. You can do it!



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