Company Membership

Corporations (GmbH, AG, etc.) can “only” become pure supporting members for reasons of association law, without invitation to the association meeting and thus also without voting rights/obligations.
  • You can see clearly what we do with your membership fee.
  • If desired, you decide which project you would like to support.
  • Of course, will we provide you with all the information and images you need to use your social commitment in a way that is effective in advertising.

If you do not wish to grant us a direct debit authorisation, simply send us the membership application and transfer the annual fee to our donation account. Of course, we are recognised as a non-profit organisation and the membership fee is fully tax-deductible. We will immediately send you the appropriate donation receipt for the FA.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. If you like our work and openness, please help us to help and give us your trust, please.