Kleine Hilfsaktion e.V.

The Kleine Hilfsaktion was initiated in 2007 by Kerstin and Roland Debschütz. It has been a registered association with more than 419 members (status 9/2018), since 2010. The Kleine Hilfaktion e. V. is mainly active in Germany, Africa and Cambodia and works there in three major thematic areas:

Sustainable development aid

The Kleine Hilfsaktion e. V. is running its own school with 269 pupils in Kandieng, near the city of Pursat, since 2011. By now, the first pupils are studying at colleges and universities in Pursat and Phnom Penh and are supported by scholarships from the association. Together with the Organisation Bareebo, which supports the operational measures of the Kleine Hilfsaktion, the two villages Chy Hong I and II were founded. More than 70 formerly homeless families found a new home and a livelihood there. The healthcare project “Eyelight” has been running since 2013. Within the scope of this project, Kleine Hilfsaktion e. V. has already financed more than 1,000 eye operations.

Acute Emergency Projects

In Cambodia it is difficult to say where the need is greatest. Our friends at Bareebo know. They know the country and its people well and inform us about where immediate help is needed. This way, we can help accident victims quickly and respond to personal emergencies unbureaucratically. It is important to us, that it is not a short-term aid measure, but that we help people sustainably and enable them to lead a self-determined and independent life.

Future-oriented measures

The best development aid is one that becomes unnecessary one day. Therefore we are intensively working on projects that help to sustainably improve Cambodia’s infrastructure. We are currently working on an innovative project to track down thousands of landmines still lying on the ground in Cambodia. Every year, many people fall victim to this war heritage. We are particularly pleased about our second project in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Under the project title “Ponds, pumps and gardens” we will excavate 100 ponds, install pumps and plant gardens in the greater Banan area, near the city of Battambang. In this way, people there can also work in their own gardens and farmland during the dry season and provide for themselves. The total project has a financing volume of € 100.000, -. BMZ finances € 75,000.00 of this amount. We have to raise another € 25.000, – ourselves. A good reason to visit our donation page 😉